Validate @available attributes in Xcode against current deployment target

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XcodeValidateAvailableAttributes is a Ruby script that validates all Swift files within your iOS Xcode project for the @available attributes against your current deployment target.

Installation & Usage

  1. Copy the XcodeValidateAvailableSDK.rb script to the root of your Xcode project
  2. Create a New Run Script Phase and add the following;
if [ -f "$file" ]
echo "$file found."
ruby XcodeValidateAvailableAttributes.rb
echo "XcodeValidateAvailableAttributes.rb doesn't exist"

Required Pass in your target name

Optional Pass in warn as an argument to treat these as warnings only, (By default the validator will treat all attributes matched as errors, causing your build to fail.)

Exclusions can be set in an array called files_exclude (for example if you want to exclude your Cocoapods directory)

Download from GitHub


I’m still pretty new to Ruby, so I welcome all feedback/pull requests for improvements or added features


Next steps are to add support for macOS


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